TeleBehavioral Health

TeleBehavioral Health and Texas Care

Telebehavioral care, also known as telehealth counseling, is the use of videoconferencing technology to deliver health care services from a distance. Our research shows that clients who receive counseling services through telehealth experience symptom improvements in as few as four sessions.

Counselors help patients achieve their health goals by addressing conditions such as anxiety, depression, grief, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, trauma and many other mental health concerns.

Distance, lack of transportation, cost and a lack of providers are all barriers to health care that Telebehavioral Care helps alleviate.

Texas Care and TeleBehavioral Health

Telebehavioral health creates, promotes, and maintains access to behavioral health services through technology. Communities across the country, both rural and those more populated, are facing a severe shortage of behavioral health resources. With the recent develops involving COVID-19 this has become more important.  Telebehavioral health encompasses all levels of behavioral health.

At Texas Care we believe Telebehavioral health can take many forms with children and adults, such as online therapy through video conferencing, online chat functions, online care management, and even mobile apps. 

For more information on TeleBehavioral Health or other Texas Care services, feel free to call 88-98TODAY and an Intake Coordinator will be happy to take your call and direct you to the appropriate department. Visit our FAQ page for more information on how Telehealth, Telemedicine, and TeleBehavioral Health can work for you.