Social Distancing Update

Socially Distanced. Effective. We have in-school, in-home, virtual, and in-clinic care available adhering to state mandates.

Texas SIZED Care

Texas Care offers mental health services that are in office/community based as well as online. Our goal is to provide individuals and families ongoing access to care wherever


Texas Care offers telebehavioral health services for you or your child tailored to work or school schedules. You don't have to do this alone.

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Youth and Family Services for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Personality Disorders, Substance Use Disorder, and more from the comfort of your home or office, in person or online.

Statewide Care

The list of communities we serve is growing. Committed to providing the highest quality of care with cost effective services to enable productive and meaningful lives. Join ou

Texas Care is here for YOU

At Texas Care we work with individuals, families struggling with many different types of psychiatric, mental, and emotional needs and accept a wide range of insurance types from Medicaid to private insurance. 

Our programs are diverse to suit the needs of our community. Texas Care specializes in the treatment of many psychiatric conditions using varying levels of care from counseling to intensive services such as mental health rehabilitation, case management, and psychiatric services. 

Community Based Services

Texas Care provides Mental Health Rehabilitation services to Texas youths and adults. These services include Skills Training and Development, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Medication Management, and Crisis Intervention. Services are mostly provided in the individuals environment to increase functioning within their environment such as school, work, and/or interpersonal relationships.  To qualify for this program, an individual must be enrolled with medicaid and have either a qualifying mental health diagnosis and/or a youth with significant emotional and/or behavioral disturbances. An initial assessment is required. 

Counseling Services

At Texas Care, we believe in the uniqueness of each individual and provide specific interventions for each client. Each person has special strengths and faces distinctive challenges. Our diverse staff of clinicians are ready to partner with you so you may reach your goals and increase your quality of life. Individual, family, youth, and couples therapy are offered. 

School Based Services

We understand the various roadblocks and frustrations parents and children are facing today. Our Teachers have more responsibilities than ever before and creating a learning environment free from worry and stress can be extremely difficult. Whether you have "opted in or out" we are here to assist with the emotional well-being of your family when a little extra push (or a BIG one)is needed. When a student is experiencing social and/or emotional difficulties, they can get help from a licensed mental health therapist on-site at the student’s school or online at a scheduled time that works best during their school day. If your school would like a Texas Care mental health staff member on site, please contact us at 888-988-6329. 

Balanced Care 

  • Get an appointment scheduled for you or your child within 48 hours
  • Medicaid Behavioral and TeleHealth Programs tailored to support Teachers and Students
  • Social Distancing plan utilization when community based services are offered
  • Video/Virtual Visits and Appointments from any device 
  • Standard of care is the same whether in-person or online
  • No downloads required

Texas Care is committed to the health and safety of our clients, our staff, and the families of each. If you have an upcoming appointment, please contact our office or assigned staff to learn about your options for in home, in office, and online appointments.

At Texas Care we know the current healthcare landscape can be confusing. Our entire state is feeling a certain level of upheaval.  Our devices have become more and important and our need for mental health care has never been greater. Finding a place where you feel comfortable with staff that is licensed, approachable, willing to care for your individual needs and that of your family and educated are all equally as important.  At Texas Care we pride ourselves on a “root discovery” approach to combat symptoms of greater issues. The goal of our treatment team is to develop a plan of action that is both individualized as well as anchored in evidence based practices that are goal based backed by a continuum of care.

Our Programs Are:

Community Based

Recovery and Wellness Focused

Flexible and Organized

Evidence Based

Outcome Driven

Comprehensive and Collaborative

Trauma Informed

Youth Services

Children, teens, and young adults build social skills and emotional intelligence as they grow. These things often lead to healthy, happy lives. But some kids have emotions or behave in ways that disrupt their well-being. Texas Care's programs are designed to provide youth the tools they need to increase needed skills and improve functioning. 

In Network!

Put your mind at ease! We’ll verify your benefits before your appointment. Texas Care believes the last thing you should be concerned with when searching for care is how it's covered. We strive to make this part of the process as seamless as possible. 

Virtual Visit Option:  FAST, EASY, and SECURE with Texas Care.

Get in touch with one of our Intake Coordinators and they can show you how easy it is to begin on your device. 

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