Crisis Intervention

What Is A Crisis Intervention?

A crisis intervention is an immediate and short-term emergency response to mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral distress. Crisis interventions help to restore an individual’s equilibrium to their biopsychosocial functioning and minimize the potential for long-term trauma or distress.

Many crisis interventions are conducted by certified crisis intervention counselors at hospitals, clinics, social services, drug rehab centers, or an individual’s home. Crisis counseling is not intended to provide psychotherapy or similar treatment, but offers a short-term intervention to help clients receive assistance, resources, stabilization, and support.

What Is A Crisis Situation?

A crisis can refer to trauma, a natural disaster, mental illness, medical illness, victimization, grief, or relationship changes. A crisis can be difficult for anybody to cope with, and many times crises are recurring situations for an individual suffering from mental illness or a substance use disorder.

It's important to note: If you feel you may be a danger to yourself or others, please contact 911 immediately! 

For more information on Crisis Intervention Services or other Texas Care services, feel free to call 888-98TODAY and an Intake Coordinator will be happy to take your call and direct you to the appropriate department. Visit our FAQ page for more information on how Telehealth, Telemedicine, and TeleBehavioral Health can work for you.