Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Texas Care

PSR is the process of helping someone who has been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder to restore functioning and well-being within their community. Recovery is an important concept with regards to PSR as it stands for rebuilding a meaningful and valued life despite having struggled with mental illness. For people who are on the path towards recovery from mental illness, getting back to their family/social/work life is challenging and even intimidating! Setting goals is a vital process within PSR in order to get clients to the point of feeling that their quality of life is sufficient, and they are able to reintegrate into society in the most functional way possible. Recovery works towards instilling hope in clients who are looking to live their lives, even with the limitations caused by mental illness.
Our staff at Texas Care believe recovery is not a ‘good bye’ to all symptoms and problems from mental health issues… that is a cure. Recovery involves any residual symptoms and problems having less of an interference with the client’s life. How often do we hear the word ‘cure’ when we talk about mental illness? Not very often, is the answer! Mental illness is not something that goes away overnight, much less is cured for life! PSR helps gives clients the skills and guidance to reintegrate into society and have a chance to live their lives to the fullest, and are given opportunities that those without mental illness are given.
PSR differs from the traditional medical model of rehabilitation in that focus is now placed more so on health and wellness, rather than apparent symptoms of the client. We look at what a person can do, not what their disabilities are. Most importantly perhaps, PSR can take place in a natural setting, whereas years ago, the setting for care was always institutional. It is refreshing to see how far we have come in this field; a client is so much more than someone to treat. Texas Care is here to guide the way. 


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