Community Based Treatments (In-Home, In-School)

Texas Care supports children and their families beyond traditional office settings.

From intensive home-based treatments and group therapies to school-based programs, our team provides a broad range of services to support youth in school, at home and in the community. If a student is experiencing social and/or emotional difficulties, they can get help from a licensed mental health therapist on-site at the student’s school 

What To Expect

  • You will meet with a licensed, master’s level therapist.
  • A diagnostic and family assessment will be done to help with the focus of treatment.
  • A treatment plan will be developed with the family.
  • Sessions will be held weekly with the parent and child.
  • Parent coaching will be offered.
  • School interventions will be coordinated with the parent and school as necessary.
  • When appropriate, the clinician will make a referral to a psychiatrist and will work with the psychiatrist.
  • Parents are offered 24 hour on call support while their child is in treatment.
  • Average length or treatment is usually six to nine months.